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It’s our One-Year Birthday Party

Our birthday week has officially started! Come try one of our amazing local beers, new canned wines from spicy to minty, and everything in between ... we've got something for everyone. COME CELEBRATE WITH US!

Get a Free Dessert This Week! Come in and give us your best Marilyn Monroe or Elvis impersonation singing Happy Birthday to us. You will get your choice of: Organic Rum Bundt cake, Organic Chocolate Bundt cake, Organic Banana cake, Organic vegan gluten-free brownie, or Vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookie. One-Year Birthday Offers Good Thru 05-26-2018.

Sing for your sweets!

Stone Sisters Pizza Bar — Game-Changing Healthy Pizza

Stone Sisters pizzas are made with pure ingredients that are organic, low-glycemic, and free from pesticides, preservatives, and GMOs. We strive to source ingredients locally to ensure our organic veggies are fresh and our meat and dairy products come from pasture-raised, grass-fed animals.

Stone Sisters Pizza Bar Mission

Our mission is to educate everyone about the healthy rewards of organic eating while providing surprisingly scrumptious food made with only pure organic ingredients and love.