About Us

“You’re a Stoner sister, aren’t you?” youngest sister Sheli was asked on her first day of high school. Following in the footsteps of sisters Tami and Traci was oftentimes like riding a runaway rollercoaster, yet the three girls formed a bond that has remained intact through good times and bad.

The sisters’ path to health began when Sheli, then a pharmaceutical sales executive and mother, lost her husband to cancer. Fueled with a passion to choose the right foods and products for her family, she earned her certification in traditional nutrition and set out to change the world—beginning with her sister Tami.

Tami was living an unhealthy lifestyle that she says took her down a dark path, one that required drastic changes to alter her course. “My sister Sheli took me under her wing and taught me about traditional nutrition. When I saw the results in my own life, Sheli’s passion became mine and we became a team.”

The two sisters began educating people about how many health conditions can be resolved with traditional nutrition and good eating habits. As their followers grew, the sisters developed a recipe for organic sprouted spelt dough and pizza sauce that everyone loved. They wanted to open a restaurant, but they needed someone who was positive, energetic, and organized to keep them on track. That someone was eldest sister Traci.

With the help of three amazing individuals, Jim Osteen, David Hooten, and Chef Cally Johnson, the three sisters opened Stone Sisters Pizza Bar in May of 2017. One first time customer said, “The sprouted spelt crust can only be described as an epiphany. Seriously? I couldn’t believe I was eating a pizza that was organic, gluten friendly, non-GMO, and it tasted like a slice of heaven!”

The sisters credit their success in life to their mother. She taught them the meaning of unconditional love as she demonstrated unwavering faith in the face of adversity. Sherrie volunteers her time at the restaurant, where she makes brownies and serves up smiles for everyone she meets.

 The Stone Sisters are all about making a positive change in the world through their love of people and healthy pure organic food. Sheli says, “Our purpose is to change lives through nutrition education and providing people with whole food choices that can stop the unhealthy cycle of disease. Oh—and we’re having a darn good time doing it!”