Pizza Delivery Subscription


All pizzas are available with our unique
Organic Sprouted Spelt or Organic Unbleached White Crust
Cauliflower and Gluten Free Crusts Available 
in 10" Medium Only (Additional $3.33)

Pizza Delivery Subscription Program

Treat your office to a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pizza luncheon. The plan is very simple:

Call us to begin your subscription plan:

  1. Choose the day of the week for your order to be delivered: Monday through Friday
  2. Choose the frequency of the orders (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, other)
  3. Once you have signed up for this program, you will be instructed on how to place each order
  4. Include the time and location of your delivery ... and you’re all set for a festive pizza party luncheon

We’ll do all the work for you

Now, here’s the legal stuff:

  • Minimum Order: $65 on food only for each delivery
  • Delivery: Free within 5 miles of the restaurant. If over 5 miles, there is a $1/mile charge
  • Plates, Napkins, and Plasticware: $.50/person if needed
  • Tip: 20% tip will be added to the final bill for delivery